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Our Bread & Butter

Securities Fraud

We represent defrauded investors.


Assessing the conduct of your stockbroker or investment advisor or have a complaint about a suspected fraud? 

Startup Law

We help founders change the world one word at a time. 

Building a company and looking for legal support?  

It's your $.

When was the last time you looked at your account statements and asked, "How are my investments doing?"

Take a look and ask yourself the following questions: 

  1. Have I suffered any significant losses? 

  2. How much am I paying my broker or investment advisor? 

  3. Am I paying a percentage, or am I paying per trade? 

  4. If I'm paying a percentage, how much am I paying and what's the norm? 

  5. If I'm paying a commission (per trade) why am I paying per trade when many companies now charge nothing per trade? 

  6. Does my stockbroker have a fiduciary duty? 

  7. What is a fiduciary duty? 

  8. Is my portfolio reflective of my investment profile? 

  9. Does it seem like something fishy is going on? 

  10. Have I been pressured to buy or sell anything? 

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